HTX Spots: Texas Renaissance Festival

They say everything is bigger  in Texas… and that’s exactly what The Texas Renaissance Festival (RenFest) exemplifies! Boasting – 55 acres of Renaissance- themed areas (think Game of Thrones: King’s Landing to Barbarian Inn and Garden Forest). Get ready to be completely amazed and immersed into medieval times when you go. There are themed weekends + hundreds of interesting performances; most visitors dress up to the T, so go all out or wear a simple flower crown like we did!

Take a quick peek at the festivities here:

This year, the Texas Renaissance Festival is running for 9 weeks! From September 30th to November 26th. So you still have time to check out this fun event!



Our favorite food at any fair are TURKEY legs! No shame in biting into them like a barbarian, you are at the RenFest after all.

There’s also hundres of shops around, selling things like medieval dresses, wigs, candles, dragon eggs (crystals), masks, wooden swords and even real swords! Definitely spend some time browsing around, you never know what you will find.

Make sure to check out the performance schedule before you go, click here. There’s something for everyone.

There are  tons of interesting “carnival” style games, …like this renaissance take on shooting hoops…


And, this giant swing!


Some of you might not be into this whole renaissance idea and most likely haven’t considered going to the festival, but it sure is something you should experience at least once in your life. It’s pretty crazy and a whole lot of weird, but I promise you will have a great time and will leave in awe after you see the production of this festival.


Post in partnership with Texas Renaissance Festivalall opinions are our own.

Photos by: Alejandro Montoya


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