Travel: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Through school, studying abroad, traveling alone and mingling around, I have met some wonderful people from different countries. I am very lucky to say that I have friends all over the world! Having foreign friends is a great, because you can go visit them and they can give you the ultimate tour of their country/city. They speak the language and they know where all the “cool” local spots are.

This March, I went to visit my Dutch bestie, Jantine in Amsterdam. Jantine recently moved to Amsterdam from Utrecht, so we got to explore some fun places together.

Fun Fact: I have been to Amsterdam twice, once as an American tourist and the second time I experienced it like a true Dutch person.


Sad fact: I don’t know how to ride a bike 🙈(very inconvenient in Amsterdam)… so poor Jantine had to ride the bike with me on the back.

Here is a list of recommendations of what “real” Dutch people do:

East Amsterdam
East is booming! It used to be a multicultural part of the town, but more hipsters discovering east. Cool places in the area:

  • Biertuin: It’s Dutch for beer garden! At this place, they serve 83 different kinds of beers!
  • Roest: for the artsy people. This place has a warehouse look, plenty of artisanal shops, a restaurant and a indoor beach… super fun!
  • Brouwerij ’t Ij: Two reasons to visit this place. 1. They brew their own beer. 2. It’s located in the only windmill in Amsterdam.

West Amsterdam

  • Foodhallen: this place is AWSOME! It’s an indoor food market where you can get: burgers, sushi, frozen yoghurt and gin-tonics or anything you might be craving! Don’t forget to try the typical Dutch fried snack “bitterballen”.
  • Morgan & Mees: Everything about this place is great! The food, staff and terrace …. And it’s also a hotel!

ok, ok… this one is super touristy, but the Heineken Experience is pretty fun. A little bit of history, and a lot of interactive digital/social media activities…and of course some tastings!  🍺😉

South Amsterdam
South is the posh side of town (think River Oaks), with beautiful houses, a big city park “Vondelpark” and world famous museums.

  • The Butcher: located in “de Pijp” neighborhood, they serve the best burgers in town! But don’t be surprised if you see dressed up people walking to the back of the restaurant…There is a secret nightclub behind.  Ssshhhhhh!
  • Lavinia Good Food: Green smoothies, avocado with poached eggs or raw chocolate cheesecake. A great healthy place to enjoy not so guilty pleasures.

Feeling cultural? then visit the Amsterdam Palace

and the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum, conveniently located across from each other.

North Amsterdam
Think Mike Jones, “Back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot they all on me.” Back then it wasn’t very cool, now it’s the hot area in town.

  • The Adam Tower is a must! The tower has been open since last summer.  Here, you can find a night club ‘Shelter’, offices spaces, a hotel (if you are down to drop $12,000 dollars a night) and two restaurants.
  • A’dam Lookout If you are not afraid of highs, check out the swing on the rooftop. It’s Europe’s highest swing!

Other cute, fun, typical things you can do: stop by a tulip shop, take a tour on the canal, hop on a train in central station.

Want to  show everyone on social media you went to Amsterdam? then check out this list 😉📸

Must take Amsterdam pics:

Over the canals by the bikes

In front of the Amsterdam sign

Inside a giant Dutch clog

An artsy pic with a historical building

In or at least “outisde” the Anne Frank house

Outside a “coffee shop”
There is so much more to the Netherlands than just Amsterdam! So, if you have a little extra time, hop on a train in Central Station and go to Utrecht. It is only a 30 min train ride.🚇 I absolutley LOVED it! To me, it was like a mini Amsterdam with its own unique characterisitics.


Remember, the best time to visit Amsterdam is from April to September.

Post collaboration: Jantine Van Der Hoeven

Some photos by: Crew Ginn


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