Nosh: Sweet Potato Noodles + Sausage Goodness

I always crave pasta, if I can eat pasta everyday, I would. But that might not be the best for my diet. Until I discovered all the veggies noodles substitutes. Today, we want to share one of our absolute favorite “healthy pasta” to prepare, using sweet potatoes! It’s also a great recipe for those meal prep days. It’s gluten free and 100% husband approved. 😉


Sweet Potatoes Noodles + Sausage Goodness


2 Tablespoon Olive Oil

2 Sweet Potatoes or pre-made sweet potatoes noodles

2 Garlic, minced

1 Bunch of broccoli

1/3 Cup of Chicken Broth

1 Package of Hot Italian Sausage (I prefer hot for the extra kick but mild is fine also)

Salt and Pepper to Taste

1 Dash of Hot Chili Flakes

Parmesan flakes for topping


1. Peel the sweet potato and cut the ends so it lays flat against the spiralizer. Be ready for a arm workout!DSCF0442.jpg2. Prep the broccoli and garlic and set asideDSCF0444.jpg3. Heat up your skillet and put the Italian sausage in the pan. I skipped oil because the sausage produces its own when cooked. Make sure it’s completely cooked and set aside after – keep the pan dripping for flavor!!DSCF0445.jpg4. Now, while the skillet is still hot, add oil to the pan drippings, sweet potato and the garlic. Cook until the sweet potato gets a bit soft – about 5 mins.DSCF0449.jpg5. Add in the broccoli, chicken stock and seasonings (hot chili flakes, salt & pepper to taste)img_3951-animation6. Cook on low until the sweet potato noodles are soft and broccoli cooked through – about 10 mins.

7. Add in the cooked sausage and mix!img_3964

8. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and enjoy!


Seriously, make this your recipe to try ASAP, it is SO delicious and simple to prepare. The best part is the left over is just as delicious. Hope you enjoyed our little “cheat pasta” recipe.



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