HTX Spots: Beer Science & Body Art

During Super Bowl week, Dorina and I were invited to attend “Beer Science and Body Art” at the Health Museum and it was SO much fun! There was tons of beer and live performers with body paint on them that insinuated the insides of our body.

Did you know beer is actually “good” for your body? And the famous beer gut is actually from the bar food you eat instead of drinking beer. If you don’t believe me just ask beer logic guru, Chad Pilbeam. Chad gave out a thoroughly entertaining session on all the benefits of beer and it was awesome.

Chad Pilbeam – Beer Logic

If you haven’t been to the Health Museum – you have to check it out! Housed in the Museum district and right by Herman Park. It’s a great day activity on the weekend.img_3500Though you might not be able to have beer pairings as you roam the museum, but you can still experience their newest exhibit – BODY WORLDS RX. It’s running from now to April 23, 2017, so you have plenty of time to stop by. 😉 Body Worlds RX provides you an inside look into actual human bodies – and how different diseases affect our body. It’s fascinating!

The Health Museum has other permanentexhibits – one of the exhibit is laid out like a human body, so explore around and learn about the different functions! There’s also the DeBakey Cell Lab – where you can be a true scientist for the day


If you plan a visit to the museum, let us know what you think!



Photos by: Alejandro Montoya

Post in partnership with The Health Museum, all opinions are our own.


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