Spotlight: Pearls for Mermaids

Today, we are spotlighting Pearls for Mermaids, owned by Amy Neff and her husband Manuel. Annie’s husband has known both of them since 6th grade! And we are happy supporters of this unique business. 🙂

You probably have heard or recently seen this new “Pearl Party” fad all over Facebook, but if you haven’t yet, lucky for you, because we have the inside scoop.


Pearls for Mermaids is an Orlando based business that focuses on the opening of Cultured oysters during Facebook live videos. Viewers can join in the fun of discovering different colored prizes for people that have signed up to participate by purchasing an oyster in their online store.  Amy Neff is the co-owner and host of the Facebook live shows. Since the moment Amy and her husband started the business, Amy decided she wanted to share it with the Hispanic community by being the first person to start doing live shows in Spanish.  The mermaid theme is felt throughout the entire experience, from the mermaid logo and décor to the beach themed charms and the handmade seashell decorated gift boxes in which the jewelry arrives.


Fun Fact: The oysters that Pearls for Mermaids uses are grown in Asia. Each pearl take two years to grow.

Here are some of the lovely products that are available on the Pearls for Mermaids site:


Dive in and watch one of the most recent Facebook Live bilingual videos Pearls for Mermaids has posted:

If you are looking for a nice, original gift for a special someone in your life or if you want to treat yourself, head to over to Pearls for Mermaids and choose your favorite pearl!

More About Amy:


I am a busy mom of two with a love for crafting, accessorizing and the ocean.  Pearls have been a staple of my personal style since I am in my teens.  The idea of sharing them with other people while having an excuse to have cute mermaid stuff convinced me to get started! We have been in business for several months and people really love the concept. We currently have over 46,000 followers on Facebook and jam packed live shows three times a week.

All live shows are currently in Spanish but lately more and more English speakers have been joining, so we have become bilingual at times to accommodate for them during their participation.  We are considering opening an English live show as well to make all our followers feel welcome. Purchases and scheduling for a show can be made through our website: Aside from the pearls, we offer a variety of charms where they can be placed to be worn straight from the oyster, without the need to do any more work to the piece. In addition to the shows we also offer kits of open at home oysters and are working on expanding our jewelry line. Stay tuned!

Don’t forget to follow Pearls for Mermaids and join the fun!


The Colorful Chornicle

Photos by: Indice PR and Pearls for Mermaids


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