HTX SPOTS: Revolution Studio

This past month we tried out Revolution Studio’s Yoga and Cycling classes and now we are totally hooked!  🙂


Since the moment we walked into the studio (River Oaks), we were greeted by the friendly staff who were super helpful.  They made sure we understood everything about the class and even helped us adjust our bikes for the cycling class. All the teachers were also very helpful and encouraging, they sure know how to pump you up! One of our FAVORITE things about Revolution Studio was those cold and refreshing eucalyptus towels they hand out at the end of class so you can wipe off all that sweat!


Come 15 min before so you have enough time to check in, store your things in your locker and change into your cycling shoes (if you are taking a cycling class). The shoes are for rent for $2 per class and free for your first time. Oh and don’t forget to bring plenty of WATER…. especially if you are cycling! 😉



We were a little crazy and decided to take  Jenn’s power flow class at 5:30am… but it turned out to be awesome! You can tell how passionate she is about teaching yoga and making sure all the students get a good work out and a good zen.


Fun Fact: We went on Valentine’s Day for her class and we got some cute encouraging cards and hearts! ❤



We had no idea what Warrior Wednesdays with Bertha were about… but man, we found out real quick! Haha she always asks who is new to the class and Annie and I were the only ones that raised our hand that day… We were in for a big surprise. Boy, was that class INTENSE but we sure did have a lot of fun (awesome music and light effects) and broke a sweat! We liked it so much we came back for another session on Saturday morning. 😉


No matter where you live, there is Revolution Studio near you! They have 3 locations around Houston: River Oak, Memorial City and Sugar Land, so come check them out!

If you are ready to join the Revolution Studio madness, try their new client promotion of  2 WEEKS OF UNLIMITED YOGA AND CYCLING FOR $35! We promise you will not be disappointed!

More about Revolution Studio:



Three words that describe the way you leave every class. At Revolution Studio we believe a workout can be both fun and effective. We are committed to elevating ourselves and those around us. Because here, we’re not just working out, we’re transforming. Physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Husband and wife duo Mitch and Kim Syma started Revolution Studio in 2012 with the intention of creating a shift. Gone are the days of viewing your workout as a chore. Today we view the workout as a chance. An opportunity. An experience.

Whether on the bike or on the mat, the Revolution Studio experience offers the chance to embrace challenge and see change. This is not fitness. This is transformation.

Clip In. Rock Out. Namaste.™

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Post in partnership with Revolution Studio, all opinions are our own.

Photos by: Revolution Studio  and West Ave

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