HTX Spots: Houston Art Car Parade


If you are a Houstonian or have lived in Houston for quite some time, I am sure you have been or at least heard of the Houston Art Car Parade. I would like to say that this parade is definitely a spring staple activity in H-town. Did you know that the Houston Art Car Parade is the oldest and longest Art Car Parade in the world? I know, I had no idea either! …. How cool is that! 🙂

Houston Art Car Parade 101:
In 1984, Kit and Carl Detering donated a 1967 Ford station wagon to The Orange Show Foundation to be auctioned at their annual Gala benefit. Houston artist, Jackie Harris transformed the car into a mobile work of art with a budget of $800 for paint and plastic fruit. The “Fruitmobile” was donated back to the foundation by the group of six who purchased it.2 - Fruitmobile


  • In 1987, the Houston International Festival, the City’s official celebration of the arts, asked the Orange Show to organize a parade to build on the success of the New Music Parade.
  • The Orange Show agreed to produce the event and the Art Car Parade was born in April, 1988.
  • The first parade consisted of 40 cars and was seen by an estimated 2,000 people.
  • TODAY, the parade attracts 250+ vehicles and entries from 23 states along with Canada and Mexico.
  • There is a live audience of some 250,000+ spectators.
  • Parade entries include anything on wheels from: unicycles, lawnmowers, cars and go-carts

Some of our favorite cars this year:

My best friend since middle school has been involved with the Houston Art Car Parade for many years. This year she rode on this cool fish car! Can you see her waving?IMG_4853

Fun Fact: Thanks to her, I rode in one of the first place art car winners last year! Check here  (That’s me with the blue t-shirt, waving with both hands 😉 )artcar2


Have you been to the Houston Art Car Parade before? If you haven’t, mark your calendar for next year’s parade on Saturday, April 9th 2018.   😉


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