SPOTLIGHT: How to Pack Light

Summer time is approaching, and we all know that means vacation time! 🙂 Nothing is more frustrating than packing, you don’t want to overpack and haul luggages all over but there is always a fear of not being prepared.

Today we wanted to do something different so we created this fun and informative video with tips on how to pack light for a weekend trip to the beach!

Tips for Packing a Carry On:


  1. Take only a carry on and large hand bag/tote. (Save time at the airport)
  2. Bring 3 pairs of shoes: flip flops, going out shoes (wedges), comfortable shoes to walk and explore (Converse or your favorite kind).
  3. Bring 2 or 3 bottoms with multiple tops for versatile outfit options.
  4. Bring 2 or 3 dresses or skirts to go out at night.
  5. We hope you bring underwear and some PJ’s! haha
  6. Bring as many bathing suits as days you will be there. Also, you can bring interchangeable tops and bottoms.

Tips for Packing Handbag/Backpack:


  1. Make sure all toiletries are TSA regulation size. They don’t play, especially if you are traveling aboard.
  2. Pack a electronic pouch with ear plugs, headphones, phone charger, and a portable power bank.
  3. We also like to pack a shawl or cardigan for the plane, it’s always so cold!

Oh! If you are traveling aboard, pack your passport and make sure it has not expired or about to be. If it’s about to, order it at least one month in advance.

We hope you found our easy guide informative! Happy vacation and happy packing 🙂

The Colorful Chronicle

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