HTX Spots: Flock, Houston Zoo


You may recall that in one of our first posts we talked about some fun young professional groups to join here in Houston – one being Houston Zoo’s Flock.

Today we are sharing our experience at the recent Houston Zoo Flock’s Elephant Housewarming Party.


We spent the evening exploring the opening of the new expanded McNair Asian Elephant Habitat and enjoyed some delicious appetizers and drinks.

We also saw the elephants paint, do tricks and swim in the new “bachelor pad” pool and we learn about the elephant’s favorite snacks and activities.

There were also booths with information on how to join the Flock, how to “adopt” an elephant and sign up for night guided tours of the Zoo.FullSizeRender 4

More about the Flock:

Flock is a Houston Zoo donor club for passionate philanthropists. Comprised of members between the ages of 21-40, Flock creates a fun opportunity to connect with the Zoo, meet and mingle with other like-minded individuals and support the Zoo’s animal care, education and wildlife conservation programs.

The Flock also encourages involvement for Zoo enthusiasts. Flock members enjoy exclusive events at the Zoo each year including our annual Beastly Brunch.  Each event provides a unique opportunity to connect with the Houston Zoo and learn more about our animal care, education and wildlife conservation programs.

For more information regarding the Houston Zoo’s Flock membership, click here. But don’t worry, if you are not ready to commit you can always purchase a ticket for their next event for $35 and still enjoy the fun! 😉

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