Nosh: Kalo’s Coffee + Nourish

Juicing, smoothies, and acai bowls – this is one food trend that we absolutely love here at The Colorful Chronicle. In Houston, we have our fair share of juice and smoothie shops, but I have to say, Nourish is one of our top three.

Recently, Nourish expanded into the Heights with a new concept: Kalo’s Coffee, offering their usual smoothies and juices, plus coffee and light bites.

We had the opportunity to meet the owner and they pride in offering healthy options that are tasty (we tried them & they are super tasty!), fresh cold press juices, and ethically sourced coffee. IMG_2012There’s tons of pick and go options, from notable vendors like Cuchara and even sushi!

Or you can sit in their cute patio and order a avocado toast!IMG_2031We had the chance to try a few of their coffee option and bowl:

Texas Pecan Coffee – Nice, rich and a little bit sweet
coffeeSpirulina Bowl
Organic Spirulina, Banana, Organic Gluten Free Granola, Raw Unfiltered Honey, Spinach, Blueberries, Organic Homemade Almond Milk, topped with Shredded Coconut and Fresh Strawberries.bowlHorchata Coffee – A sweet and refreshing way to jump start your day!

Our favorite was the Pitaya Bowl, Bad and Boujee style (with all the nuts and toppings).
Organic Pitaya, Cold Pressed Apple Juice, Blended Strawberry & Banana Topped with Fresh Banana, Strawberry, Organic Gluten Free Granola, & Honey

This bowl is SUPER delicious and refreshing. Honestly dreaming about when I can go back for another 🙂 I have to warn you, these bowls take a while to make, so be patient 😉IMG_2030Make sure you stop by at this gem on Durham!IMG_2020

Kalo’s Coffee + Nourish
2155 Durham | Open Daily 7 – 7, Sat & Sun 9 – 7
(832) 426-4381

Drive thru coming soon!IMG_2017

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Post in partnership with Nourish, all opinions are our own.

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