Spotlight: How to Host a School Supply Drive

Can you believe it is already August?! This summer has truly flown by! Which also means, it is Back to School season.

Since we both work in education, giving back to Houston children in need is very close to our hearts.

A great way to give back to the community during this time is to host a school supply drive at your office or with friends to benefit a local school in need. This simple and fun activity can be very beneficial to many kids in your area, you would be surprised how many schools are in need right here in Houston.

Here are a few tips on how to host a school supply drive:

  1. Select a time frame to host your drive (can be a couple days or a week), make sure to check your local school district’s calendar and plan to have supplies by start of the school year.
  2. Select a school in your area to benefit from. Live in Houston and need help locating a school? Call Houston ISD 713-556-7200 to help you find a school in need. (Ask for Annie or Dorina)
  3. Create list of items for the drive. Here are a few items that will come in VERY handy!


4. After the drive concludes, get in contact with the school and schedule a delivery. It’s very special to make a personal delivery, you will have a chance to see these children’s face light up when they receive all the new supplies.
5. Establish a relationship with your local school and follow up throughout the year for ways to help. 🙂

If you want to have a friendly competition in your office with different departments, see who can collect more items and throw each other a happy hour party!

Affordable places to buy supplies: Walmart, H-E-B, Office Depot, Target, Walgreens.

Also, if you prefer to do a monetary collection you can contact companies like, BLUsource, where you can order pre-assembled backpacks and have them delivered to the school of your choice! Pre-assembled backpacks start as low as $15.

BLUsource contact:
Lynn Smith |
Pre-Made Backpack Kits

We hope this inspired you to give back and organize a school supply drive with your colleagues and friends!IMG_2856

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