Spotlight: 7 Must Pack Items for Disney

IMG_3284Today, I want to share some essential must pack items to make your Disney trip enjoyable in the summer. Undoubtedly, Disney World is the most magical place in the world, but like any parks, there’s the germ infested hand rails, smelly accidents, and seriously scorching sun! (All pictures are clickable & shopable via Amazon!)

Hand Sanitizer Spray
These are a MUST. You will be touching all sorts of hand rails while waiting on rides, just imagine the germs, yuck! I love this EO brand because it’s organic and has a great lavender scent.

Wet Wipes
Even if you aren’t traveling with babies, you have to get these wipes. They are great for wiping down tables before you eat or wiping your hand after that sticky ice cream bar you just ate 😉

Rain Poncho
This is a major win. The poncho can get pricey at the park and the weather is always temperamental in Florida. The poncho came in handy several times, you can move through the park hands free!

External Charger
With so many sights to see, perfect photo stops, and hours waiting in lines, your phone will get 100 to 0 real quick! I love this Anker external charger because it’s not expensive and very slim & light weight – this was a saving grace for us and provided THREE people almost full charges!

Water Bottle
This is a no brainer. Disney allows guests to bring in food & water bottle (just can’t be glass). We personally didn’t pack this but I wish I had. It’s key to stay hydrated and it can get pricey quick buying bottles upon bottles. This particular bottle keeps the water cold for up to 12 hours!

Room Spray
I know this sounds odd, why do I need a room spray at Disney World. Trust me, pack one! In the summer, everyone’s sweating and moving, enclosed areas can get a little nauseating. A few spritz of this, everyone in line will be thanking you!

Hand Mister Fan
Majority of the time, you will be walking around in the park, it can get real hot real fast. A mister fan will come in handy when you need a refreshing spritz!

These items truly made our Disney trip easier and I hope it will help you out as well 🙂


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