Nosh: Pokii Eatery

Lately, poke restaurants have been popping up all around town, the newest food fad that’s here to stay. We had the opportunity to try Pokii Eatery recently and it was so delicious and fresh. If you aren’t familiar, Poke is a raw fish salad in Hawaii! Don’t worry if you aren’t a raw fish fan, Pokii serves cooked options as well.Pokii Eatery was a concept that took two years to developed. They are committed to bring a better lifestyle to the community not only by providing fresh quality food but to create a positive emotional connection.

Pokii Eatery offers both prebuilt bowls or you can choose your own. We sampled all the prebuilt bowls for you 😉they are all super delicious!Our favorites were the big kahuna, miso surf and alohapeno!The Big Kahuna: a Hawaiian style traditional served with ahi tuna, pink salt, shaved onion, Ohio, Scallion, Sesame Seeds, Masago, Edemame, carrots, cucumber, seaweed salad, and Nori stripsAlohapeno: sweet heat jalapeño vinaigrette served with ahi tuna and salmon, pickled jalapeño, cucumber and fried onion. Miso Surf: miso blend with tuna and spicy crab, scallion, pickled cucumber, furikake, masago, edamame, seaweed salad and spicy mayo

California: a California classic served with crab meat, scallion, cucumber, masago, furikake, nori and spicy mayoTexas dynamite: habanero infused aioli with shrimp tempura and crab meat. Volcano flakes,tomatoes, pickled jalapeño and pickled cucumber. Soju Island: korean chili aioli with salmon and shrimp tempura, kimchi, shaved cabbage, carrots. Sesame seeds, and seaweed saladCitrus Yuzu: salmon, spicy ponzu, cucumber, pickled jalapeño, masago, scallions, sesame, tomato, crab meat, volcano flakes, and furikake

You can also make your own sushi burrito , we tried the staffs choice with all the proteins (salmon, shrimp, scallops, crab mix) it was sooooo good!What’s also unique about Pokii Eatery is you can buy Hawaiian craft beer and soda not found anywhere else in town!Go check out Pokii Eatery for yourself soon!

Pokii Eatery

12153 Katy Freeway

Houston, TX 77079Cheers,

The Colorful Chronicle

Post in partnership with Pokii Eatery, all opinions are our own.

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