Nosh: Chama Gaucha

If you live in Houston, there is pretty high chance that you are a meat lover. If that is the case, we are sure that you have heard about Chama Gaucha, the Brazilian steak house located over by the Galleria. But don’t be scared if you are a vegetarian… there are plenty of options for you too!


Chama Guacha offers a bountiful salad bar with over 30 different items (also vegetarian option) and large selection of wines and cocktails so you can get the evening started. Once you are ready to proceed to try some of the 12 different cuts of meat, you will be in for a treat! All of their meats are 100% USDA Prime, aged a minimum of 45 days and seasoned to enhance the natural flavors and unique complexity of each cut of beef, lamb, pork or chicken.

Ordering your entrée at Chama Gaucha is done in a very easy, unique and fun way…It involves green and red sided cards and you are totally in control!

yes no
When your card is on green, a swift-moving gaucho (trained Brazilian chef), will come over with a vertical large skewer and will slice a piece of meat and then you will grab each slice with a pair of nifty little tongs provided at your place setting. When you have reached your limit or simply need a break, you turn the red side up and they will stop approaching you with more meat.


Have a sweet tooth? They got you covered too! 😉


Restaurants that have unique features, amazing taste and great service, like Chama Gaucha always make dining with friends and family a lot more memorable and fun! So remember to keep Chama Gaucha in mind for your next outing. 😉

Feeling hungry after reading this post? Well guess what…… You are in for a major treat today! We have partnered up with One Stop Media Group so you can experience the essence of Southern Brazil cuisine at Chama Gaucha!

Enter To Win A FREE Dinner for Two at Chama Gaucha! ($106 Value)


*Winner will be announced on Monday, November 19, 2018.


5865 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 244-9500


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Post in partnership with Chama Gaucha, all opinions are our own.

Photos by: Romain Renier

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