In her search to find new ways to relax and disconnect, but most importantly to find different ways to improve mental health, my good friend Tarah from the Inspajournal came across “floating”. After her little investigation, she invited me to try “floating” at Urban Float in West U and it was AMAZING! I had heard about floating a few years ago, but I did not know all the benefits it had.


If you are not very familiar with this concept, floating consists of lying down in a small pod filled with water and hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt. The water is set to skin temperature, about 93.5°F and the pod is sound and light proof—but if you prefer, there is also an option to have a mood light and to have spa or nature sounds playing in the  background during your whole 60 min experience or just at the beginning and the end of your float. Without outside distractions, your body and mind can relax and maybe even get into a meditative state.

From the second we walked in; we were impressed with Urban Float! The facility was modern, clean and we immediately felt good, relaxing vibes. We were greeted with a friendly smile by the staff and by Beth Lancaster, owner of both Urban Float locations in the Houston area.  She then handed us some iPads to sign the consent forms and to watch a video that gave us thorough explanation of the process. Soon after, she walked us over to our sparkling clean rooms that had a shower, changing area and our pod and she explained us how to operate the lights in the rooms and inside the pods. Not going to lie, it took me a few minutes to focus completely, but after a few minutes of floating around and playing with the pod lights, I was able to relax and even took a mini nap!


Worried if you are claustrophobic? Don’t be! I’m a bit claustrophobic myself, but I had no problems with floating. You’re always in control of your environment and can choose to float with the pod open, semi-open (what I did) and keep the pod mood lights on.

Whether you are seeking pain management, sports recovery, stress relief, improved focus, or simply disconnecting from this crazy world, Urban Float knows how to create a sanctuary to help you improve the quality of your wellness needs.

Floating is clinically proven to help improve quality of sleep and it also has many other benefits:

Physical Benefits
Relieve everyday aches & pains
Significantly reduce your worst pain
Reduce chronic muscle pain & tension
Improve sleep quality

Mental Benefits
Significantly reduce stress
Increase mindfulness
Improve mental focus
Enhance creativity

Emotional Benefits
Decrease anxiety
Reduce symptoms of depression
Increase optimism
Improve feelings of well-being


Fun Fact: The water from Urban Float’s pods go through a 3-stage filtration process that goes through a 1 micron pool filter (that’s 1/100th the diameter of a human hair!) and is sanitized with a disinfectant and UV light 4 times before and after each float!

All you need to know about floating at Urban Float in 3 easy steps:

Schedule online or call
Don’t shave the day of the appointment
Stay away from caffeine before you float
Eat a light meal before floating

New customers should arrive 20 minutes early for your appointment
Take a cooler than normal pre-shower so the float doesn’t feel cold
Find a comfortable position and avoid touching or scratching your face
Utilize swim caps, ear plugs or waterproof ear buds to optimize your experience

Shower at your own comfort level (warm or hot)
Use the vinegar bottle in each ear to remove any salt
Take 15 minutes after your float to relax in our relaxation / post float room
Wait to turn on your phone/screen to let your body readjust

Ready to float? Use code: FIRSTTIME to save $45 on your first float!

Visit Urban Float at any of their 2 locations in Houston:

Houston Heights
250 West 19th Street, Suite D
Houston, TX 77008

West University/Medical Center
3839 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77025


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Post in partnership with Urban Float, all opinions are my own.

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