Spotlight: Paper Chicas

I am a firm believer of the saying “When women support each other, incredible things can happen!” That is why I want to tell you all about this women owned, small business called Paper Chicas! Paper Chicas is a Houston based, flower wall and neon signs rental company that is dedicated to bringing a fun visual and emblematic decoration to any kind of event.


This colorful, small business was started by four sisters and one niece in the fall of 2019! Like any other Mexican or Hispanic family, this family loves to celebrate special milestones by throwing fun parties for each other and for their friends. Since they plan many parties year-round, they noticed that they always had a hard time finding fun and creative photo backdrops for their events. One time, they couldn’t find any creative designs that went with the theme of their event, so they decided to create their own backdrop! The first one that they did, was a simple one for a family member’s quinceañera (XV birthday party). After that event, they found the courage and decided to create more fun backdrops for the preschool that they own and for other events and photo shoots.


Fun Fact: I went to high school with Cindy and Ana!

After getting so much positive feedback from close friends and family, they decided to create even MORE sophisticated backdrops and get neon signs with fun phrases so that others could also have fabulous parties….and that is how they decided to start their OWN BUSINESS! Since they are a small business, they love to personally connect with their clients and brainstorm together, so they can make their party visions a reality!




These ladies come from diverse professional backgrounds! Some come from the education field and the others from graphic design and public relations, that is why they are the perfect mix for creative thinking!


Fun Fact: The name Paper Chicas comes from the play of words Paper, because they always have paper in hand to brainstorm ideas and Chicas, which is the Spanish word for girls!

Have a party coming up and need a fun background for a photo-booth? Well now you know who to call to make your next event totally chic and Instagrammable! 😉

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