Since our travel options are still limited due to COVID-19, all we can do is look back at some of the fun trips we did last year. This is why today I want to tell you all about my adventures around Jamaica! 🙂 Last holiday break, my favorite travel partner and I decided to have a tropical Christmas in Jamaica, however we decided to take a more adventurous approach. We literally made a full circle around the island and got to some of our destinations in the most Jamaican way possible, in a MINIBUS!

First, we took a 3.5-hour direct flight from Houston to Montego Bay with United. From the airport, we took a communal van for about $2,200 JMD ($15 USD) per person with 8 other people to Negril. The ride was about an hour and half and quite pleasant. Since there are only 2 airports in Jamaica, (Montego Bay and Kingston) your only other choices for travel are to take a bus or a minibus. So, we then took a 3.5-hour bus ride from Negril to Kingston with Knutsford Express for $3,700.00 JMD ($25 USD) one way. For our next destination, we decided to get adventurous and take a minibus! We used this method to travel from Kingston to Port Antonio and from Port Antonio to Montego Bay. The minibus ride was whole Jamaican experience on its own! It is a very affordable option, about $880 JMD ($6 USD) for 2+ hour ride but I definitely don’t recommend this if you are a timid traveler. Watch this video to better understand the minibus experience! 😉



Our first stop was Negril! This area is famous for its crystal clear seven-mile beach, which makes it an amazing place to snorkel and for being the Mary Jane capital of the world.

Another popular spot in Negril is Rick’s Café! This place is a great spot to catch the sunset and to watch intrepid divers jump off high cliff into the ocean.


Next on the list was Kingston! We got here by bus and the main attraction is the Bob Marley Museum. Since this the island’s capital it’s quite noisy and busy. It was not our favorite city, but we just went because we were heading to the airport.

Port Antonio

Our favorite spot! While there, we went rafting on a 30-foot, bamboo raft in the beautiful Blue Lagoon. This activity is a MUST, since it is one of the most authentic Jamaican adventures you can experience.

Another adrenaline filled adventure was going to Reach Falls! Our experience was a bit out of the ordinary because we went when they were closed, so we had a local guide take us through the back end. Therefore, we had to climb all the rocks and little water falls before getting the big one. But once we got there, it was breathtaking and worth the climb!

To enjoy the beach in the area, we went to Frenchman’s Cove. Although this beach is part of a resort, visitors can also enjoy this little piece of heaven for a small fee. Pro Tip: Wait for the sunset to take your pics, because that’s when everyone leaves, and you will have the beach to yourself 😉

If you are looking for something more relaxing with not so many people, head over to Winifred Beach! They do ask charge a low fee to keep the beach clean.

Montego Bay

Since we were just here for our final day, we only had a chance to enjoy the famous Doctor’s Cave Beach. However, you can also visit Walter Fletcher Beach, check out a golf course or a fun amusement park.

Another popular frequented spot in Jamaica is Ocho Rios! We didn’t have the pleasure to go, but it’s a popular stop for cruises and nearby you can check out Dunn’s River Falls or the Mystic Mountain amusement park.

During your stay, make sure to have a Jamaican breakfast!

Eat some jerk chicken/pork!

Munch of a juicy Pattie!

Enjoy a fresh Red Stripe beer!

PRO TIP: As of October 2020, Americans can visit Jamaica during COVID-19! Make sure to check their website for requirements before buying your ticket!

Are you ready to step up your travel game and take an adventurous tropical vacation? Then head over to Jamaica and enjoy the sun! Yah Mon!



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