About Us

DSC_2340.jpgHello! Welcome to The Colorful Chronicle, brought to you by Annie & Dorina.

We met in 2015 at our workplace and immediately clicked! Our love of finding the best restaurants around town, cooking, traveling the world, classic/fun fashion sense, and ability to get a whole room laughing/dancing made us even closer. We both are naturally creative and have always had the desire to have a creative outlet, such as a blog, but never took the plunge individually. One day, amidst a busy work event, we simultaneously expressed our visions and desires for that creative outlet, then decided it was finally time to make it happen and launched the blog together.


Our passions truly lie with investing in Houston and giving back to the community. We like to experience first-hand what our community has to offer, as well as what it needs. We are very fortunate we get to do what we love every day as we work in community partnerships for an educational institution. We will also like to use this online platform to share how you can give back and support your local businesses, as well as showcase some of the best reasons to give back to this wonderful city we call home. Thank you for following our Colorful Chronicle!



I grew up in Houston, Texas but was originally born in China. Living in a country where its culturally and food diverse – I ignited my taste bud at a early age. I am definitely your adventurous foodie friend always down to eat. I also love to cook and probably cook almost daily!

A part from the daily rustle and bustle, I spend my downtime with my husband and dog-baby Chloe, Netflixing & chilling, entertaining our friends, and just enjoying life.



I like to say I am the true definition of a Tex-Mex! I was born and raised in Houston, but I spent part of my childhood in Mexico. So my palate is trained to identify only the best tacos and BBQ!

With over twenty five countries under my belt, I consider myself a travel enthusiast. I love learning about other cultures and traditions and tasting new flavors.

When I am not at work caring for the Houston community, you can find me on a yoga mat, running, dancing reggaeton, wearing something COLORFUL and hanging out around town!



I am the photographer and contributor for this amazing blog. I am originally from Reynosa, Mexico but have been living in Houston since 2003.

I consider myself a visual person, which is why I always have my camera with me. I like to be prepared to capture the strong and deep moments in life. I enjoy traveling and capturing the essence of a culture.

Besides photography, I also love music so f** much… even more than tacos!! (Not really, but you got the idea). I like to attend as many concerts as I can and I am an avid collector of concert posters (visual). In my playlist, you can find music ranging from Iceland’s Sigur Ros, Ólafur Arnalds to Scotland’s Mogwai, France’s Zaz or Colombia’s Monsieur Periné… and of course, some Tigeres del Norte, duh!

Photos by: Alejandro Montoya | Make up by: Maria Julia Weaver