About Me

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Welcome to The Colorful Chronicle!

My name is Dorina and I began this colorful blogging journey in the fall of 2016 with my former colleague, and now great friend, Annie. We decided to launch this blog together so we could share with our close friends and family a few tips and tricks of new and exciting places around Houston and the world!DSC_2340.jpgAnnie and I met in 2015 at our former job and immediately clicked! Our love for finding the best restaurants around town, traveling, fun fashion style and ability to get a whole room laughing made us even closer. Some of the many things we had in common was that we were both very creative and that we were huge fans of following blogs.dsc_2358One summer evening, in the amidst of a busy work event, we happened to share our visions and desire for having some sort of creative outlet where we could share a few of our favorite things….and in that moment, it clicked! It was time to start a blog together! But it wasn’t just Annie and I who started the blog, my good friend Alex also played an integral part in helping us make our vision a reality by taking amazing pictures of us and of the places that we tried. 😉IMG_0889Since mid 2018, I have been managing the blog on my own, but Annie is still very supportive! 🙂 Although it is just me now, the mission of this blog and my passion for entertaining you by sharing exciting places to try around Houston and fun travel tips from around the world, remains the same! Thank you for following along my Colorful Chronicle!

I like to say I am the true definition of  “Tex-Mex”! I was born and raised in Houston, but I spent part of my childhood in Guadalajara, Mexico. So, my palate is trained to identify only the best tacos and BBQ!

I come from a diverse media and communications background and have been working in community relations for the past couple of years. I have a BA in Communication from the University of St. Thomas (TX) and a MS in Communication from Syracuse University.

With over thirty countries under my belt, I consider myself a travel enthusiast! I love learning about other cultures and traditions, as well as tasting new flavors.

When I am not at work caring for the Houston community and supporting STEM education, you can find me on a yoga mat, running marathons, traveling around the world, or just hanging out around town!


Photos by: Alejandro Montoya