Travel: Baja California, Mexico

Earlier this month, my best friend that I have known since I was kindergarten got married! ❤ I was sooo happy to be there for her on her special day and visit a state of Mexico I had never been to. Her wedding was in Mexico’s cool and chic wine country region called Valle de Guadalupe, in the state of Baja California.

Valle de Guadalupe is about an hour and a half from Tijuana, which is where my best friend Mildred lives, and Tijuana is just a few minutes away across the border from San Diego!

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Here are a few tips if you are thinking about visiting this wine country region of Mexico:

To get there, you can either fly directly into Tijuana or you can fly into San Diego. Crossing down to Tijuana is pretty easy, but if you don’t have a special permit for your car and passport, it can take more than 3 hours to cross back to San Diego. Luckily, my friend lives in Tijuana and has that permit, so she was able to pick me up from the San Diego airport and we just drove down to Tijuana.


To be honest, I did not know what to expect nor was it really ever on my bucket list to come to here… but it turned out to be a lot better than I imagined.

While there, we ate some delicious food at the popular Hotel Caesar , where the famous salad dressing was invented. What is really cool, is that they prepare the dressing right in front of you and they show you all the fresh ingredients and instructions on how to make it. You can even take home the recipe as a souvenir!


If you go, definitely get the Caesar salad and the bone marrow! Absolutely AMAZING!

Fun Fact: The world-famous Caesar`s Salad was born in Tijuana, in 1927. It was created by Cesar Cardini the chef and owner of Caesar´s Restaurant.  They prepare about 500 Cesar salads every day and about 1,000 per day on the weekends!

Right across the street, on Avenida Revolucion, we took the infamous picture with the donkey, looking like as a zebra! The ultimate proof you went to Tijuana!


We passed by this small beach town on our way to the wedding. The beaches and dance clubs in this area are a pretty popular destination for some fellow Cali Americans during the Memorial and Labor Day weekends. They have an awesome overlook of the Pacific Ocean where you can snap a quick pic.

If I wouldn’t have told you, you would have thought this picture was taken in Santorini or somewhere exotic haha 😉

Fun Fact: Titanic was filmed here! :0

Valle de Guadalupe:

Also known as the Mexican “Napa”! Here you can find hundreds of wineries that offer wine tastings year-round and chic restaurants with awesome views of the mountains and vineyards.

Since the 1990s winemaking has become very popular in the state of Baja California and they host the Grape Harvest Fiestas in the Valley of Guadalupe and the town of Ensenada every year in August. So this time of year, is the best time to go!

Some of the vineyards we visited were:


This modern, chic winery, restaurant and boutique hotel was built around this now IG famous dead tree. A must visit! Make sure to make a reservation ahead of time.

Clos de Tres Cantos


La Esperanza BajaMed



A winery tour is usually included on cruise ships that stop in Ensenada.