HTX Spots: Bingo at SPJST Lodge 88

If you thought that bingo was just for senior citizens, then you are wrong! Thursday Night Bingo at 7:30PM at the SPJST Lodge 88 has become a Houston favorite pastime amongst all ages.


Located in the Heights neighborhood, the SPJST Lodge 88 is a family-oriented activities and community service center. It was founded to keep alive the cherished traditions, customs, and language of the Czech culture, but everyone is welcomed!

Some of the family activities include: musical and dance groups, dances, picnics, games, contests, tournaments, summer camps, youth activities and of course THURSDAY NIGHT BINGO!


  • Doors open at 5:15PM, so have a member of your squad get there early to save a good seat.


  • Early bird gameS start at 7:00PM and regular games at 7:30PM.
  • Maximum capacity is 700, so try and get there as early as you can. It gets full fast!


  • You can bring your own food, liquor and wine. Water, ice, soft drinks and beers must be purchased there. (Cash only)


  • Bring CASH! At least $6 bucks…
  • Bingo pad is $5 and the ink dabber is $1.
  • Get a Bingo pad to play all 10 Bingo games of the night. There are 6 bingo cards per sheet; there are 10 sheets in the pad.


  • Pay attention to how each game is played. There is regular bingo, caller’s choice (super hard) or cove all/black out.
  • If you win, get ready to be booed by more than 500 people and if you call bingo and you are NOT a winner, they will boo you even louder! So have thick skin and a good scene of humor.
  • You can win up to $600!



So now you know, if you want to celebrate a friend’s birthday, hang out with your family and grandma or if you just simply want to have a good time doing a different activity, come to Thursday Night Bingo at the SPJST Lodge 88! You will have a blast, I promise!  😉


Location: 1435 Beall St, Houston, TX 77008


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