Today, we want to Spotlight a great new product for wine lovers–The Wand™ by PureWine!  The Wand™ is a patented new product by Texas-based PureWine that will greatly improve any wine (and beer) lover’s drinking experience. Studies have shown that up 70% of people that drink wine have will negative side effects or reactions. If you’re a person that avoids drinking wine due to that dreaded “wine headache”, hangover, flushed skin, nasal congestion, and/or breathing problems–The Wand™ is the life-changing product you’ve been waiting for!


The Colorful Chronicle was fortunate enough to try out The Wand™ at Spec’s on some great Catena Alta wines.

So, what exactly is The Wand™ and how does it work?The Wand™ uses patented technology to remove sulfites (which are present in all wines–even wines labeled “no added sulfites”) and wine histamines that prevent a majority of people from fully enjoying their experience with wine. Think of it as a “Brita filter” for wine that won’t change the intended taste of the wine!


All you need to do is place The Wand™ in your glass of wine (or beer), swirl it around for a little, sit back and let The Wand™ do the rest. By simply placing The Wand™ in your wine for 8 minutes prior to drinking, up to 95% of sulfites and histamines will be removed! The Wand™ works on all wines–red, white, rosé, and sparkling–and even beer!


To find out more, watch this short info video!

Another great thing about The Wand™ is its ease of use. Each Wand is individually packaged and extremely portable. Use one Wand before enjoying each glass of wine or beer and discard–no muss, no fuss.

The Wand™ is available in 3, 8, 24, and 72-packs online and at select Spec’s Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods, Goody Goody, Total Wine & More, Bering’s, Kuhl Linscomb, HEB, Paper Source and Bed, Bath & Beyond in Houston. The 3-pack makes a great stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday season and the 8-pack makes a great hostess gift!

Today we have a little treat for you!!!
Use the code TCC15! and get 15% discount off your total order, when you purchase on their website!

Thank you to PureWine’s co-founder, David, for The Wand™!


Post in partnership with The Wand , all opinions are our own.

Photos by: Wesley Chan

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